Friday, 12 August 2011

My birthday...

It t'was my birthday yesterday (27 again) and my boys bought me some great little figures...from TQD Castings (CP Models) from their 20mm (1/72) DARKEST AFRICA range, 1879 BRITISH INFANTRY...

To Mike and Jonathan - thank you gentlemen! Dad Love's you very much!!

I pack of OFFICER, NCO, SCOUT & RIFLEMEN etc & two packs of RIFLEMEN, in MIXED POSES...

They are wonderful figures - I've added them to my queue...but they may just jump a few places forwards...

Not sure if they are planning to add to the range...

Should I paint them as intended or should I convert them to 1882 Egyptian Campaign infantry...mmmmmm!!

Hello Keith...yes we all have lists and projects in the planning stages...hundreds and hundreds of them!



  1. Gorgeous figures Duncan. The poses have a nice old school quality to them. I think these chaps would look much smarter in scarlet tunics.

  2. Hey Duncan, it somehow makes me feel better knowing other ppl have the same problem. I like those figures a lot too, how do they scale with the esci 1:72 figs?

  3. A bit late Duncan, but never the less I wish you "Happy Birthday".

    Great looking bunch of figures, and I can't wait to see these painted!


  4. Those are very nice looking figs.
    Apologies from me as well...A late happy birthday from me as well.

  5. Thanks for your comments lads...27 (again)...!!

    @ Keith...the figures are a great match with ECSI...just as good too!

    Going to paint them as 1882 gentlemen (in Scarlet)