Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Airfix & HäT Zulu War British Infantry

While we (all) await the test shots of the up and coming HäT Zulu War British Infantry...

I thought I would add some items of 'associated interest'...

Mister Mannix added on the HaT Forum a "short?" List of Campaigns which the Hat Colonials could be used...I am sure he won't mind me listing it here too...

Second Ashanti War (1873-74) West Africa
Daffla expedition (1874-75) NW Frontier
Naga Hills expedition (1875) North Eastern India
Rebellion in Griqualand (1875) South Africa
Rebellion of slave traders in Mombasa & Kilwa (1875-76) East Africa
Kaffir War (1877-78) South Africa
Expedition against the Jawaki Afridis (1877-78) NW Frontier
RN Bombardment of pirate strongholds (1878) Borneo
Gaika War (1878) South Africa
Expedition against Zakha Khel Afridis (1878) NW Frontier
Second Afghan War (1878-80) Afghanistan
Exp. against the Zakha Khel Afridis (1879) NW Frontier
Exp. against the Suliman Khel Pawindahs and other tribes (1879) NW Frontier
Exp. against the Mohmands (1879) NW Frontier
Zulu War (1879) South Africa
Exp. against Sekukuni (1879) South Africa/Botswana
Naga expedition (1879-80) NE India
Exp. against Batanes (1880) Philippines(?)
Exp. against Marris (1880) Sind Valley (Pakistan)
Exp. against Mohmands (1880) NW Frontier
Exp. against Malikshahi Waziris (1880) NW Frontier
5th Basuto War, aka, the Gun War (1880-81) South Africa
First Anglo-Boer War (1880-81) South Africa
Exp. against the Mahsud Waziris (1881) NW Frontier
Arabi Rebellion (1882) Egypt
Bikaneer expedition (1883) India
Akha expedition (1883-84) India
Metis Rebellion (1884) Canada
Zhob Valley expedition (1884) Baluchistan (Pakistan)
Exp. to Bechuanaland (1884-85) SA/Botswana
Gordon Relief Exp. (1884-85) Egypt/Sudan
Bhutan Expedition (1885) N.E. India
Third Burma War (1885-87) Burma
Wars against Arab slave traders in Nyasa (1885-98) East Africa
Exp. against the Black Mountain Hazaras (1888) NW Frontier

Believe it, or not, that is the short list! His note can be seen here;


However, some of us have been waiting for a while for these chaps...I first saw a posting on the HäT forum on the April 12, 1998. An article by Mr. Arlin Tawzer, who then was a frequent contributor to the site, and whose efforts at calling for a set of Zulu War British Infantry where then load and clear...ha ha! 13 years!

Excellent stuff Mr. Arlin Tawzer...here is his note on the HaT site here;


Back to the core of the post - the HäT Zulu War British Infantry can be used (with a little imagination) for not only Victoria's Barmy Army...

They can be converted into Colonial Italian Troops...

And then converted into French Colonial Troops...

French Fusiliers Marine 1887
French Marine 1883
French Marine Artillary 1888

And lets not forget the Dutch...KNIL Colonial Reserve Soldiers in Indonesia!

Loads and loads to enjoy...


  1. Not to forget the Spanish in 1909 Morocco:-))))

  2. 13 years!!!! Blimey! I was wondering when they would bring out a purely infantry set of brits...I´ve gt all the other sets, just infantry en masse were missinf.
    Great indepth post.