Wednesday, 6 July 2011

War on the Nile...

While looking for inspiration to repair my Gun this is how it looks at the moment...
...and this is how I wanted my boat to look...

...and while planning its recovery (as it has seen better days)...I received an email from those lovely people at Sierra Toy Soldier...I have used them a number of times for my fathers 54mm Napoleonic collection...

And guess the subject of the email...the Nile Wars!

Oh heck - these great figures are from the new and latest editions to Britain's War on the Nile rang...if only I lived in a hanger!

Take a look...I am sure you will enjoy the images

Dervish Infantry

Britians Camel Corps

Egyptian Infantry - Summer dress

Battle of Tamai March 13, 1884

York and Lancaster Regiment

The whole rang is listed here...

Back to painting my 20mm


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  1. Duncan, my good man,

    An inspiring thread. I often thought about making my own Nile steamer, but right now my hands are full working on the Camel Corps, and other subjects. Nevertheless, a very inspirational post.

    Love the blog. I check for updates every day. Thanks for posting links to my ETS posts! I'm happy someone else is enjoying my models.


    SM Mannix