Monday, 30 August 2010


I took the plunge today and bought myself Italeri's latest kit to their accessories rang - their African House.

It took me a few weeks to decided whether or not I was going to invest in the €29.80. After watching the feed back on various forums I popped across to my local model shop this morning - and got the one I had ordered!

The kit goes together very well - and is very well designed.

With a little time and consideration I think there is a lot you can do with this clips together very nicely too...



Wednesday, 11 August 2010

New Toys...models, plans...queues and lists!

For my birthday I bought myself a few things to keep me busy during the winter months...

The new Stretlets 1877 range is superb...the animation is excellent and the detail very nice...I will paint these to face my British troops on the Northwest frontier...I'm also going to try and see how their WW1 Russians look with an earlier (circa 1885) paint job too...

I've also bought a box of French African Chasseurs...going to see how they look once they come back from under the knife...nice figures though...

The Redbox (my first from this company) will need some hardcore cleaning...

And the Hat Scottish Colonial figures are two boys bought me these - thanks lads!

I have already started this morning to paint (see below) the Hat Colonial Scotts as the Black Watch...small stones in their helmets for the tuffs of red! Took me ages...lets see how they look when theire finished...

Also, after weeks of searching on the web I found two boxes of Italeria Union Artillery set...and a normal box of their battle field accessories.

The plan is to build the defences - ditch & all...from Khartoum...long term plan. The motors and Gatlings will be part of Gordon arsenal...and as the figures are so difficult to get hold of these days I thought I'd snap up a few boxes.

Anyone out there got any ideas on how I can make the Egyptian Fez...or where I can buy just the heads? I don't really want to get boxes and boxes of Waterloo Egyptian and simply remove their heads...anyone know of a company selling just the heads...?

Have a great week one and all