Friday, 7 October 2011

Ian Weekley

Firstly - hello from Athens...more about that later!

While scanning a few of my magazine's I came across some fabulous articles by the great Ian Weekley.

And reading Alan's note on Hat's forum a few months ago where he was poundering with the plans for an Afghan Hill Fort/Watch tower...I thought I'd post a few inspirational items from the Weekley Bank of ideas...

Hope you enjoy them...

Ian was such an inspiration...these images are so fabulous! They were one of the many reasons I started with my colonial passion...Hats off Ian!

PS...sorry for the lack of posts...I ran off to get married last month! Found a small Greek island (a favourite of Micheal Wood) and well got married! Eeeekk! Now thats done it! Back to Berlin and HaT's Ansars next week! Well thats the plan...



  1. Congratulations on your recent marriage Duncan.

    Your latest blog has brought back fond memories of wet winter afternoons poring over back issues of Miltary Modelling, Battle and Practical Wargamer with a mug of tea in hand and packet of gingernuts...yes Ian Weekley was truly inspirational.

  2. Thanks for your note sir! Yes lots of great and fond memories...

    Will post more from Ian later in the year!