Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Suakin Field Force 1884 – 1885

A great colour plate in Military Modelling supported by an article by Michael Barthorp.

Figure 1 – Corporal 1st York and Lancaster Regt, in Khaki drill warn with puttees (first adopted during the 2nd Afghan War) and khaki cover for his white helmet; another Indian practice.

Figure 2 - Private of the Black Watch 1884 in Serge Grey.

Figure 3 – Private of the 3rd Grenadier Guards in his ‘English’ khaki. His white helmet is stained and he wears his battalion badge on his puggaree.

Figure 4 – Sergeant of the 10th Hussars, from one of the Indian garrisons. This is based on a painting of the 10th’s charge at El Teb by G. D. Giles, who was attached to the 10th at the time.

Figure 5 – Mounted Infantryman in Bedford cord pantaloons, blue puttees, ankle boots with spurs. The frock coat colour depended on the men’s parent regiment.

Figure 6 – A private of the 19th Hussars in grey serge frock and Bedford cord pantaloons worn with home service knee boots
Figure 7 – Indian Officer of the 15th Sikhs

Figure 8 – Royal Marines Light Infantry with stained helmet and equipment. Although, Count Gleichen who accompanied the Camel Corps up the Nile observed the arrival of the RMLI company with “snowy-white” helmets and belts and pouches “freshly piped-clayed”.

The image was taken from the December 1984 edition of Military Modelling.

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