Sunday, 18 October 2009

18th Hussars

The Cavalry are from Qualiticast´s Zulu War range...I bought these a few years ago and decided to work on the Sudan Campaign rather than the Zulu War.

I wanted some cavalry to support the Desert Column, so I converted them to represent the 18th hussars. I know they are not supposed to have pennons...but they look so much better with them. I made them from toothpaste tubes...the metal is great for making flags and pennons etc.

The Officer is converted using an arm from an infantry officer.

I am waiting for Hat to finally produce their Zulu War Lancers so I can add a new Troop.


  1. why did they wear red jackets in the remake of the four feathers?

  2. Hi Gary
    Thanks for the note - Red jackets were still being worn by the British Army during the attempt to save General Gordon in 1884/85 - which is when the remake of the Four Feathers is supposedly taking place. I think the director wanted to bring colour to the screen and felt that the original (1939) version had been remade so many times – so he brought the story forward 15 years.

    The image of the Red Coated soldier is covered with myth and legend – so I think the director wanted to capture some of this energy.

    Whether he was successful is someone else’s view. I thought the film was a good ‘hobby’ story – with very little connection to reality – although the approach camel corps patrol & well scene is very good – despite the fact that most of the British fought in Serge Grey.

    Still a good rip roaring yarn – although my favourite TFF is still the 1939 version.

    All the best