Monday, 28 September 2009

Gorden Relief Expedition Camel Corps march past Egypts Sphinx

I have watched the growth of Hat Models with great interest.

I have a love of painting their plastic models and the Camel Corps figures where a dream come true. The Sphinx was bought in a pet shop in Berlin...full painted for 8 Euro's, a steal!

I used the bodies from ESCI's British Officers...but kept the heads and legs, I turned a few heads, used a few extra arms from my bits box.

The mules pulling the Gatling and the Nordenfelt Guns are from my old stock of Jacklex 20mm Sudan figures. The Union Standard is a little too large - but I wanted to make sure the hoards of Mahdi tribesmen saw who was approaching their forces.

I'm now painting the wonderful Colonial War Indian Infantry and waiting for my local store to stock up with the newest colonial ranges.

I am looking forward to seeing the release of the Mahdist Camelry and Infantry.

I hope you all enjoy the images

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  1. Always nice to see the good ideas of a fellow plastiholic, will return.