Monday, 28 September 2009

Hat French Foreign Legion & Turcos

I hope you enjoy my attempt at a visit of a battalion of French Foreign Legion to Egypt's Sphinx!


  1. Sorry the French Forign Legion was never in Egypt on the grounds that it was a British Colony. I think the African Country that you are searching for is Algeria. But none-the-less an awesome job on the figures and the background!

  2. Oh I hear voices...

    "Tiens, voila du boudin, voila du boudin, voila du boudin,
    Pour les Alsaciens, les Suisses et les Lorrains,
    Pour les Belges, y en a plus,
    Pour les Belges y en a plus,
    Ce sont des tireurs au cul".

    Excellent work, Duncan! I admire it! I like painting, plot, disposition and idea!

    How long did it take you to make such wonderful diorama?

  3. Hi - thanks for the feedback.

    The figure animation and painting to me a while...a few years in fact; moving round the globe and work got in the way. I had seen a FFL diorama in a very old Toy Soldier book and wanted to try and build something similar.

    I’m making a few wagons and supports – plus a troop of Spahis and a troop of the 1st Regiment, Chasseurs d'Afrique...when I get time that is.


  4. the french foreign legion were in eygpt and it nearly led to war with the british. it was the mysterious long march to the nile that is very much clouded in mystery but did take place

  5. check out jan morris and her trilogy on the empire