Friday, 20 July 2012

A portable cooking system without flame

Now here is something useful...

When we matter where we go - or how we travel - good hot food fast is always on the wish list...

My youngest son...Jonathan - well he's not so young now...has come across a product called - Trekmates Flameless Cook System...

We have tried it and it :o)

Maybe - its something that will catch on?

Hot Good Food Fast

Something while we visist a show or two...or just for the back of the car!




  1. What an ingenious idea. A great find.

  2. By Jingo..what the lads would have given for one of these marvellous cookers on those long freezing nights up the Khyber Pass.

    This would be a great thing to fit in the mtorcycle pack when touring. Thanks for sharing this Duncan.