Monday, 11 June 2012

RHA Gun team and limber...with 9th Lancer, Guards and a marine in support

Sorry about title...couldn't think of anything catchy!

In December last...I posted a note on Ethan's excellent 25mm converstion of a colonial gun team for his Afgan War "Maiwand Day" seen here and here

I decided I would try my hand at something similar in 20mm...using available metal and plastic converstion work can be seen here.

My eldest son (Mike) has joined our growing company and has (as one of his challenges) to ensure I paint and finish some of our projects...!!

And although we have not completely finished some of the figures is this posting - the RA mounted officer still needs some work...Mike insisted we set up a diorama and click away...

I hope you enjoy 'his' encouragement...!

The gunner (in Khaki - pushing the 12 pounder gun wheel) is from RSM Colonials (ex Pax Britannica) some of the best 20mm metals available...still!

The drivers are from Strelets British Colonial Lancers...

Seated RA chaps are from Hat's Gatling Gun set...

The Officer is from Waterloo Anglo-Egyptian Army (Alan gave me the idea for the pose - here)

The teams are from the Accurate set No. 7204 - Union Artillery Team...which we are converting the figures into Egyptian artillery crews...but more about them in later posts!

Some lads from the Guards Brigade in support...these are from Spencer Smith's od Jacklex figures

Our RA Gatling team leading the search....again from the excellent Jacklex figures

With some chaps from the 9th in support...

The Lancer is from the now defunct Qualiticast excellent - 20mm Zulu War range...why I only bought this one I will never know!

Please don't shout - I know the 9th were not in the Sudan...but its my Game! Hehehehheheee

Hope you enjoyed the images...its back to the list of non finished projects now! Oh and of course work too!



  1. stuff of legends mate and welcome to young Mike!

  2. Quite spendid sirs,well done the Osborne clan , I was grining from ear to ear with each photo.

  3. Excellent Sir. !! My compliments, great mixed/converted bunch of figures !!

    Cheers !!!

  4. Very nice. Every picture tells a story.

  5. A tremendous piece of work, beautifully done Sir!

  6. What can I say that hasn´t alread been said ?
    Great combination of all works so well..excellent.

  7. Beautiful job, Duncan! I'm honored to learn you were inspired by my artillery crew conversion work! I also really like your lone 9th Lancer. Well done!

  8. Excellent work with some great conversions!


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