Tuesday, 20 March 2012

HäT Zulu War British Infantry and Command Sprues

Well - here we are...after approximately waiting 25 years for them...the lovely chaps at HäT posted me two sample Sprues of their Zulu British Infantry Command, Box #8299 and Zulu Wars: British Infantry, Box #8237.

And what fine and spended fellows they are too...

The first thing you notice when looking closely at the figures is not only the excellent animation and poise of the figures but practically NO FLASH!

The only little (icky) bit of plastic I had to remove was on the underside of the base so that they would glue to their bases...

The infantry come with no less than 4 individual advancing figures...and thats not including the chap in civies...

The other item of fabulous insight on behalf of HäT is the additional arms and the inclution of a standard too...and these fit so perfectly they put shame to 54mm figures...oh what fun we are all in-for on this!

So let the music begin...and let the images speak for themselves...I won't appologise either for the amount of images...as there are hundreds of possible variations...

And now to some with paint on :o)






My thanks to Alan, Nick, Mr Mannix & Lou for their excellent (and speedy) brush strokes...

Back to work (you've done your bit Hooky)




  1. Great looking set and definately on my "to get list". Only one minor point...no rifle slings but it´s a minor point.
    I´ve just looked at the HaT site..no re-lease scheduled..so another 25yr wait? :-D
    PS.I´d love to see some mounted Arabic types from them.

  2. Hoi, Great stuff innit? I have put up pictures of my painted examples up on my blog as well.

    Cheers Sander

  3. Thanks gentlemen

    Sander - just had a look at your Riflemen...absolutley fabulous!...

    @ Paul...it is the only (well one of them) complaint I have about the HaT figures...and it is maybe not fair because we get to see them very very early in the production phase...but it seems to take them ages and ages to get figures onto the market place...

    Maybe I am being totally unfair...but speed to market is the route to success...as well as being cautious! But looking at the figures the wait has been worth it a 1000 times over...

    These figures (as well as the accessories) are excellent...and should be a great boost to our hobby...and hopefully profits for HaT to keep up the great work...

    Yes OMD I do like the figures...I will be buying a few boxes...as I think these will be great for other periods as well as armies too..Egyptian campaign 1882, Sudan 1884 & NWF to name a few...and French Marines, Italians and Dutch of late the 19C too.

  4. Yes Duncan they are ab fab. All HAT need to do now to cover the Colonial period is late 19th century Brits in putees.
    Definitely worth the wait. Wonder when we'll see the German Colonials...not the hideous Coates & Shine abominations?

  5. Can't wait to see these painted!

  6. O Lord. I am so screwed. I only have a few hundred of them already, so I must have these......

  7. Nice comments gentlemen...yes I think with the launch of these figs we are all screwed...in one form or another.

    Here's hoping for a long awaited release date...and the anouncement of the many other colonials in the HaT queue!

  8. You are a lucky guy Duncan, with those sprues in your hands !! we also want these guys now !!!
    By the way some nice poses as i see.
    A comparison with classic Esci, Waterloo 1815 Egypt ad Accurate could be good !!! :)

    Cheers !!