Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Celebration of Peter Guilder's Work

Work at the moment dominants’ most of my concentration and efforts; however, in a moment of lapsed concentration I gave some thought to our hobby and while browsing through some of Peter Guilders images...it occurred to me that his was some of the best Sudan Diorama's of his time...and so by way of a small celebration of his work...although it is 25mm...I thought I would post a few more of his images and some extra nice stuff which was surely influenced by him.

Let the pictures do the talking...

Peter Gilder's Colonel JDH Stwart & General Chinese Gorden

Peter Guilder British Square beats off a Mahdist Attack it hopes!

Peter Guilder's A British Column leaving a town in the Sudan

Peter Guilder's Sudan British Infantry

Peter Gilder's Sudan Campaign - A River Gun Boat protects the Desert patrol of Bengal Lancers, British Infanty and The Camel Corps

Peter Gilder's Sudan Campaign_First Mahdist attack at El Teb; the Ansar riflemen & Dervish Infantry hit the Royal Marines but were repulsed!

Peter Gilder's Sudan Campaign; Ansars pass a water hole on the way to throw out the Turk!

Peter Gilder's Sudan Campaign; Ansar riflemen & Dervish infantry throw themselves at the Turk Camel Corps and Marines!

Peter Gilder's Sudan Campaign; 19th Hussars attack the village of El Teb driving out the Ansar riflemen

Sudan Gunboat by Johnson & Knott; looks like they used figures from the Peter Guilder inspired paint brush!

Sudan Gun Boat from Front Rank...excellent stuff!

Willie (Edward Suren) 30mm Sudan figures painted by the excellent figure painting artist BJ Harris

Front Rank's 25mm British Troops_in Egypt 1882

A Superbly painted British fort in the Sudan

Hope you all enjoyed the images...some great stuff there to get us all back to the paint brushes...hehehehehhe!!

Oh & here are some of his words...

Peter Guilder's - The Sudan

More to follow soon



  1. Everything looks great...the buildings, the figs, the gunboats the terrain. The british square pic is wonderfull...I hope he won

  2. Great stuff, especially the gunboats!


  3. Love those old Sudan pictures and I think I still have the magazines as well some where hidden safely from prying hands..thanks for putting them up...might have to do some more work on my Sudan stuff. Can you also confirm the Front Rank British for Egypt as they look like great figures.

  4. Not Front Rank but Redoubt Enterprises. The guys at the bottom in Khaki are old Essex miniatures.