Thursday, 18 March 2010

54mm Colonials

I know I have said that this blog is to be dedicated to 20mm colonial (late 19th C) figures, painting, history etc etc...

However – I was sent some information the other day on the launch of the latest figures by W Britains and they are - marvellous. These I thought I would share with you...

The figures got me thinking we paint our 1/72 miniatures because we secretly long for the room, the money, the time, the space – the whole resource thing – so that we can build a real Toy Soldier army?

Then why do we spend so much of our valuable time painting and customising these tiny tiny figures with such fine detail and try so desperately to capture the details of the uniforms...the medals, rank – insignia – faces – beards – even eyes. We even build the scenery and buildings; with such care and loving detail that they should be in a it because we secretly yearn for a 54mm army...a real Toy Soldier army...?

Do we – I don’t really know...I started painting 54mm Napoleonic’s when I was 10yrs old...and ended up enjoying collecting and painting figures and armies from the late 19th century...

If nothing else these pictures can be used for our scale as uniform ideas etc...Who knows?

The first batch of images are scanned from my copy of Tradition’s Model Soldier...designed by that great figure designer Charles Stadden - what fabulous figures these were...or are, if you are lucky enough to own a few...the book is a great source of inspiration too...

The W Britians collection is entitled - War along the Nile...

Web addresses for more information - and purchase - if you have the room and the resources...
The Sierra Toy Soldier Company...great customer service - very helpful too (I bought a batch of Nap's for my Dad a few years ago...
W Britians
Hope you enjoyed the images...
PS - my own 20mm Dervish lads are done now too - just waiting for a sunny day to photograph them...bring on spring!


  1. So, just how do I get all of this drool off of my keyboard, eh?

    -- Jeff

  2. If I never took up wargaming I think I would have to collect all of Stadden's British Army models, absolutely lovely!

  3. Of the 'War along the nile' pictures 3, 4, 5 and 14 are by John Jenkins Designs, not Britains

  4. Just discovered your blog after being a bit inspired by some Sikh's on Hat's ETS, turns out they were yours... Great stuff!

    Anyway re 54mm Colonial wargaming, been there, a mix of Britain's homecast and Armies in Plastic.

    but they do need lots of space so I've cut the toy soldier look down to 40mm and am getting back to 1/72nd plastic after a couple of decades.

    Ok back to enjoying some more of your blog.