Wednesday, 10 February 2010

British Division prepares to move up the Nile

This is the last of the images I took of the models my father brought across with him a few weeks ago now. They are a mixture of Qualicast and Raventhorpe 20mm miniatures. I bought these to bolster my colonial cavalry as at that time there were very little good plastic cavalry figures.

I still have a load left to paint - my collection is still along way from being finished, and still Hat, Strelets, Redbox and others are planning to release more figures from this period.

My plan is to one day to build a Russian Army to play out the 1885 Afghan crisis...Stetlets do some great WW1 Russian Cavalry and they are planning to release some infantry from the Russian Turkish all I need is an eight room apartment!! Back to reality!!

I hope you will enjoy looking at the images below...I will finish a few more over the next couple weeks - I hope!

Have a great week - one and all



  1. Fantastic looking fellows. Not a quivering lip in sight!

    I take it the infantry are Raventhorpe?


  2. Hi Matt

    Thanks for the note - yes the infantry are Raventhorpe...they work very well with Waterloo's new (ish) Egyptian & British figures.

    I liked the animation of the figures and multi-part option too.