Wednesday, 18 January 2017

2nd Shropshire Volunteer Rifle Corps...The King's Shropshire Light Infantry

In the early 1880's the The King's Shropshire Light Infantry (formed from the 53rd & the 85th Regiments of Foot) were involved in some of Victorian Britain's numerous overseas adventures;

1882 - Egypt, defence of Alexandria, capture of Kafr Dowar and Damietta, Malta

1885 - Suakin, Cyprus and Egypt

Some of their history can be found here and here

An interesting sketch from 1885...

The sketch above is titled NIGHT ALARM SUAKIN 1885...

Also the 85th lad's were involved in other Colonial affairs too;

1868-78 - On service in India.
1879-80 - Campaigning in the Second Afghan War
1881 - On the Natal frontier, South Africa

Some of their exploits can be seen here, too.

They must have looked something similar to these chaps...

Here they are the 85th in Peiwar Kotal, Afghanistan in 1879...

Therefore with the growing need of a little versatility, some imagination...and the requirement to train my eyes to follow both my paint brush and minds eager Victorian gents have been sent to the Sudan with the wrong kit...

The No.2 company has been issued with the 2nd Shropshire Volunteer Rifle Corps uniform instead of the Serge someone's in hot water...the 'Colonel' will hear about this...

After a major recruitment campaign - the Volunteer Rifle Corps formed ready for home service...

Only to find themselves off fighting the Dervishes...

I took the idea from the images for the 2nd Shropshire Volunteer Rifle Corps 1896 from Military Modelling April 1989 edition...

And the Shropshire regimental museum...see the link here

...although the black lace and facings did not seem to do justice to the figures - so the company sent out to the Sudan have been issued with the 1881 trial (Dunc's Taylor's & Son's Co. to his highness the Duke of Berlin) uniform of white lace and facings...

Naturally they have been brigaded with the chaps from the KRRC...

The figures are from the lovely Qualiticast Miniatures - Zulu War 'apparently' defunct!

However, Qualiticast Miniatures are listed here; if they would just answer an order request...would be nice!

Does anyone know if they are taking orders...or if they are also out of business...anyone speak Italian? Anyone...!!

The only question now is - back to work or back to the paint table...

Greetings from a sunny (snow covered) Berlin.

Next up - Sudanese Lancers...


  1. Qualiticast (or rather Micromundi) packed it in a while back, 2009 I think
    Excellent figs btw.

  2. Excellent post and splendid figures, great painting and basing...Fabulous!

    1. Thanks trying to get back into the painting...

  3. Replies
    1. Cheers Sander...a compliment from you is an honour indeed!!

  4. I am wondering which manufactor are the Sailors on the right flank of the Qualiticast figures - Stan Johannsen?

    1. Hi Uwe...those are Raventhorpe WW1 British sailors...with Raventhorpe head swaps. Here are a few other images from a few years ago;

  5. Hi they are again;

    1. Hi Duncan,

      thanks or the link. I have their Colonial figures, but have missed the WW1 range. it seems I have to have a go on them:-)