Wednesday, 28 March 2012

British in Zululand, NWF, South Africa, Sudan & Newline announcement

Hello all

Just thought I'd keep the interest boiling with the imminent arrival (hopefully in a few months and b4 the snow falls) of the new Zulu War/colonial figures from HaT and now also Newline in May; more on those lads later...

Here are a few images from my collection to assist in some uniform planning...


Keeping the interest going for the 17th too

Newline have also (thanks to Steve the wargamer) announced the launch of some new figures to their 20mm colonial range too...

All packs of 4 figures at £1.90
Sudan War British Infantry
SUD01 British Command
SUD02 British Foot Standing at Ready
SUD03 British Foot Standing Loading
SUD04 British Foot Standing Firing
SUD05 British Foot Advancing
SUD06 British Foot Kneeling
SUD07 British Foot Kneeling Firing
GUR01 Gurkha Command
GUR02 Gurkhas Advancing
GUR03 Gurkhas Skirmishing I
GUR04 Gurkhas Skirmishing II
GUR05 Gurkhas Standing at Ready
Colonial Indians
IND01 Sikh Sepoy Command
IND02 Sikh Sepoys Advancing
IND03 Sikh Sepoys Skirmishing
IND04 Sikh Sepoys Standing at Ready
Generic colonials
GC01 Infantry in Shirtsleeves, Pith Helmet Skirmishing
GC02 Infantry in Shirtsleeves, Pith Helmet Advancing
Zulu War British
ZW54 Artillery Horse Team – 6 horses and 3 riders £4.20
ZW55 Limber – 1 piece £1.90
ZW57 British Lancers – 3 cavalry £3.30

Looks like HaT could learn from Newline...get your products out to the market first...once I have spent my few £/$/€ I can't go back and spend them again...first in the market is first with the profits...

Anyway, I've also added a few more links to the right...showing some of great painting and conversions around.

Back to the grind!


Tuesday, 20 March 2012

HäT Zulu War British Infantry and Command Sprues

Well - here we are...after approximately waiting 25 years for them...the lovely chaps at HäT posted me two sample Sprues of their Zulu British Infantry Command, Box #8299 and Zulu Wars: British Infantry, Box #8237.

And what fine and spended fellows they are too...

The first thing you notice when looking closely at the figures is not only the excellent animation and poise of the figures but practically NO FLASH!

The only little (icky) bit of plastic I had to remove was on the underside of the base so that they would glue to their bases...

The infantry come with no less than 4 individual advancing figures...and thats not including the chap in civies...

The other item of fabulous insight on behalf of HäT is the additional arms and the inclution of a standard too...and these fit so perfectly they put shame to 54mm figures...oh what fun we are all in-for on this!

So let the music begin...and let the images speak for themselves...I won't appologise either for the amount of there are hundreds of possible variations...

And now to some with paint on :o)

My thanks to Alan, Nick, Mr Mannix & Lou for their excellent (and speedy) brush strokes...

Back to work (you've done your bit Hooky)