Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Zulu war Volunteers,Irregulars and Auxilaries...

There is an interest on the HaT site for Zulu War Irregular Cavalry...I thought I'd lend my support with a few images and articles...

Natal Carbineers

Colonel Durnford riding out with the Natal Carbineers

Newcastle Mounted Rifles
Durban Mounted Rifleman

Frontier Light Horse

Natal Mounted Police

Native Contingents

Sikalis Horse

A little bonus Article

I didn't tell you to stop working...get Sweating!!

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  1. Great bunch of pictures. Some I have, Osprey ans Mil Mod's etc but several I have not seen before. Thanks Duncan.

  2. My pleasure Rodger...pleased you liked them

  3. More superb reference and will be popping back when I finally get around to starting mine. Many thanks.

  4. Hi Duncan,

    a great selection of articles and photos. Can't wait to see your units in action!


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  7. William du PLOOY21 March 2012 at 14:32

    Do you know whom I could contact to have a look at a photo of my Great Unlce whom we believe was Killed in Action on the British side at WINDBURG, Orange Free State, SOUTH AFRICA...

    I suspect that there is a Commonwealth War Graves Commission record that matches him (Though I am not certain); but I have a photo of him with an unknown brother - it seems with a British Crown Cap Bade that looks somewhat like the old Police Union Police Badge...
    The Uniform looks dark Blue and the Rifles they hold are certainly British.

    I suspect he could have died in November 1914 (As the CWGC record indicates); as that was a well known Rebellion at WINBURG.

    My e-mail is : william [ dot ] duplooy [ at ] btinternet [ dot ] com

    Can you perhaps direct me to someone whom knows more about these things?

    THe CWGC