Thursday, 16 June 2011

Gentlemen in Khaki

This post is deadicated to Mr Mannix, Kipling, Nick, Garrison, Armond, Sander, Alan and the many many other Colonial enthusiasts...

First here is an image of a British Sgt. 9th Lancers, Afghanistan, 1880... A few images of Sudan infantry from Kitchener's invasion force...

Some early painted 54mm from one of my earliest recollections of Colonial Infantry...
To the core of today's blog topic...the various wars and conflicts in Afghanistan between 1878 & 1900...Drummer-roddick saving his offier
Images from my collection - The Frontier Ablaze, North-West Frontier Rising 1897-98

Throw this in for Alan and Mannix...1st Boar war British - but still keeping with the Gentlemen in Khaki theme...

And finally to where my interested all started here...with this set of images from the Suakin Campaign...
Which leads me on to my next posting - Afghan Regular and Iregular forces...I have found my collection of great images which I have collected over the last few years. Once I get my new scanner to work (aaagggghhh) I will post them for all...
Just maybe we can convince HaT or someone to produce a range or Pathans or Afghan Regular troops...what fun we will have painting and sculpting that lot!
Over and out for now


  1. Excellent - do you have any notes for the Suakin picture, to go with the reference numbers?

  2. Hi Steve

    I posted this image last year with the notes...

    Have a look at this link

    All the best


  3. !!! You live!!! I thought you had disappeared from the modelling world. I kept looking in but nothing. Good to see you are still around and kicking :-D

  4. Hi Paul

    YEah - you can't get rid of me that easily...6 month project - great fun! Good to be back behind the paint brushes though :o)