Tuesday, 28 September 2010

The new HäT Taaishi and Hadendowa Camel Warriors

Although they took me a while to finish...and although I am still not happy with the final outcome I have posted my latest painted figures...

These are the new Taaishi and Hadendowa Camel Warriors from HäT and each box of 12 mounted figures comes with 3 foot figure too...

I think the HäT Colonial range is one of the best on the market...and that includes metal figures...the animation and scale is excellent, the proportions are very well executed and simply because the plastic figures are so much more versatile. The opportunities for customisation are endless...the range is a gem for collectors, modellers and wargamers a-like.

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The up coming releases of the Taaishi and Hadendowa will enhance the range - as well as providing a plethora of scenarios for modellers and gamers with other period interests.

Simply excellent stuff...as well as a great addition to our hobbie!

Duncan - in Berlin

P.S. A little bird tells me that more of those lovely HäT Colonial figures which are in development; 17th Lancers, the Frontier Light Horse and the Natal Native Contingent have advanced in the production queue...

Tally ho - tally ho...advance at the quick step!!


  1. Nice work - I especially like the standard bearer!

  2. Very good work indeed! Like the colours you chose for these chaps a lot.

    Cheers Sander

  3. I do not know why you are unhappy with the results-they look great to me (in fact, if you cannot stand to look at them I can always send you my address.....!)


  4. Great job Duncan - you can almost smell the camels from here! Not always a fan of HaT but these are very nice - well animated and better sculpted figures than many. The great painting and basing really sets them off nicely.


  5. Thanks all...lets see what Santa brings!

    My Ansar commander is desperately in need of some Dervish Cavalry...