Friday, 30 July 2010

Nile Gun Boat...

Many years ago I had the dream of making my own (scratch built) Nile Gun Boat.

There had been many images that had inspired me...this one in particular stood out from me - maintly because it was one of the best (and still is) scratch built steamers I have print 'of cause'

And then I saw the movie The Four Feathers - 1939 version...and so I was determined to make my own.

I started - restarted - started again...and started once more. I was getting there, but alas my work took to a number of foreign shores and so my 'semi-completed' boat stood in pride of place at my father's home in England.

Upon regaining my passion for painting Colonials etc etc - I took it upon myself to attempt to bring my pride of the fleet home with me to Berlin. Wraped carefully in my bag I brought it across the channel...

Granted my steamer was not finished...granted we still had a few 'areas' onboard to finish off...a few more guns to place - the crew to paint. But it was on the home straight - almost ready for it to join my newly painted redcoats and camel corps as they eased their way slowly up the Nile...

The pictures tell the story!

Plans of mice and men! Tally ho 'ol boy! Back to the drawing board!!


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