Saturday, 1 May 2010

More great pictures from Peter Gilder

Ever since I had an interest in Military Modelling I have admired the work of Peter Gilder...and going through some of my old hobby mags I found some more of his work - and some great photos of his colonial stuff too...although they are not 20mm - they are simply amazing!

The pitures speak for themselves...

This is just an amazing scratch built steamer - I have one in the workshop too...not as good as this though - but its in the que...

Naval Brigade Camel Corps done - just waiting for good weather to get some good photos
All the best



  1. Superb - thanks for sharing

  2. These are absolutely a masterpiece. May I please know what make of the gentlemen and ladies in the last picture?

  3. Dear sir

    I think these are from the Connoisseur Miniatures...

    If you like this style you will certainly enjoy this site...


  4. Just come across your blog, very good to see the excellent pics, especially as I recognize that Nile steamer. I bought it at Vapnartak last February at the Bring and Buy and it's sitting on a shelf in my office at the moment.One day hopefully it'll reappear in a setting as worthy of it as in the photos above.