Saturday, 30 January 2010

Dragoon Guards in Egypt

My Dad joined us this week for a few weeks holiday - and with him came some of my earlier painted British Dragoons from Qualiticast´s 20mm Zulu War range. They match very well with most plastics.

I will post some of the images of myEgptian Lancers & British command etc from Raventhorpe Miniatures once I have tidied them up a bit...

Hope you enjoyed the images...I've nearly finished my next lot of Dervishes too.


  1. Excellent work! I really miss the Qualiticast range, the British Zulu War lancers, artillery gun and crew were fantastic as well. I am interested in seeing you Raventhorpe figures-I have only ever seen their WW2 stuff.


  2. Hi Matt

    Thanks for your comments...I have converted (paint work) the Zulu war lancers into later Hussars/lancers for my Sudan 'adventure'...

    I converted the Qualiticast artillery crews into Egyptian crews using the Raventhorpe Egyptian heads.

    Once I have finished off the Raventhorpe figures I'll post them.

    Thanks again