Monday, 23 November 2009

Strelets Colonials

Strelets, have for one reason or another, a pretty bad press with regards to some of their products.

The lads at PSR often give them a bit of a beating for their general level of sculpting which they report for this set as being fairly poor.

The one comment on PSR which stood out for me was their statement, "This set is quite unimpressive".

I have found the set to be both very useful with exciting and dramatic poses...and a great deal of variation. Although some of the faces do resemble men from another planet!

Very definitely this is not a set that has 20 blokes all in a line firing, nor is it one which is wholly accurate. I do like the officer with the Arab scimitar...he´ll be making an appearance later.

With a little paint work, mixed in with some imagination it is worth the investment.

I set some time aside to decide how I was going to paint the first batch...and with a little 'licence' I gave them redcoats.I would recommend this set.

It has a good range of figures for wargamers and painters...also it does have a number of excellent poses for the diorama builder too.

I mixed in an officer from Waterloo 1815. With a borrowed arm from one of his colleagues!

I enjoyed painting them.


  1. Nice. I agree about PSR. They really aren't too fond of Strelet's. I tend to like them. They are functional for gaming and cover a vast amount of periods.



  2. Sorry, I meant Red Box. Although the same applies to Strelet's.